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Alien Goddess Supra Florale, Chapter III


Three incarnations of Alien Goddess. Three visions of augmented femininity, exalting the divine gift of the jasmine Grandiflorum superinfusion, wrapped in ambery golden benevolence…
01 Jul 2023
Hunter Schafer Mugler New Star

Hunter Schafer, Mugler's New Star

A symbol of a new kind of femininity, dazzling, powerful, contemporary, liberated, and boundless, Hunter Schafer is the remarkable face of Angel Elixir.
16 Mar 2023
Willow Smith for Alien Goddess by Mugler


Be inspired: Want to know more about Willow Smith's fashion style? Check out the inspirations, desires and trends of the incarnation of ALIEN GODDESS.
10 Aug 2021

We are all Angel: celebrate Angel celebrates 30 years of audacious femininity with a magnetic new campaign

A once in a lifetime birthday has arrived: Angel Eau de Parfum turns 30 this year!
Celebrated with a bold new campaign featuring seven inspiring and liberated women, the avant-garde fragrance is about to be the star of the show.
Be prepared, an all-Mugler celebration is about to come your way…

Mugler invites you to discover Angel’s new hero movie starring all these powerful and contemporary muses.
04 Oct 2022
Model from the back in Mugler black and mesh corset jacket with straight black hair and side profile of face

MUGLER Fashion : The Art of Corsetry

At Mugler, the starting point of designing a collection is adding new dimensions to the brand ethos while maintaining what makes MUGLER so iconic.
15 Jul 2020
Zoomed in decolletage and hand holding Mugler Angel eau de parfum bottle


Perfume is one of life’s most exquisite pleasures. We love to smell it, wear it, emotionally connect with it, and most importantly, we love when it lasts all day. And whether you are still searching for a signature fragrance or have successfully narrowed down the only scent for you, there are essential things to know when applying perfume. So, if you want to know the best way to apply perfume, Mugler is here to help! Get answers to questions like, How do you make perfume last longer? Is it better to spray perfume on clothes or skin? Where should you not apply perfume?
Read on to discover Mugler’s 8 best Tips on Perfecting Personal Fragrance. Don’t spritz without us!
28 Feb 2023
Planet Earth made out of water

MUGLER celebrates Earth Day

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 to warn us about human impact on our natural habitat. Since 1992, MUGLER has been committed to creating fragrances in an environmentally-friendly approach as a new way to experience luxury. With this conviction and thanks to concrete actions, we are creating, from our consumers to our partners, a community of stakeholders committed to the idea of a new, more sustainable perfumery.
22 Apr 2020
Two hands holding Mugler Angel eau de parfum shooting star bottle from top and bottom on blue background with blurry lights

How to make perfume last longer?

There's no better feeling than finding your signature scent. The right scent gives you the confidence boost to take on your day and make your presence known—but only if it has staying power. Here are 13 things you can do to extend the silage and longevity of your favorite scent.
08 Sep 2023
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